George Willy

George Willy

George Willy is an Immigration Lawyer in the Houston area and has practiced law for the last 32 years. During this tenure, he has successfully completed several EB1-As and EB2-NIWs for scientists. The reason for his great success in this field is his background in the philosophy of science. In grad school he explored the philosophical foundations of Einstein’s General Theory of relativity. He is still engaged in this area of study. His curiosity in the sciences and all areas of learning gives him the unique ability to explore the variety of fields.

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Willy, Nanayakkara & Associates Firm:

 Willy, Nanayakkara & Associates is a thriving Houston-based practice, grounded in a thorough knowledge of immigration fundamentals and proficient in the modern practice of immigration law.

Willy, Nanayakkara & Associates was founded in Houston, Texas by the drive and vision of its principal attorney in 1985. We have been instrumental in finding immigration solutions for thousands of clients not only in the United States but all over the world.

Willy, Nanayakkara & Associates are a full-service immigration law firm with over 30 years of experience in every aspect of business immigration, family-based immigration and immigration-related litigation. In addition, the firm now also practices commercial law, family law, labor law and selected criminal cases. The Firm rests on the solid bedrock of a team of four experienced attorneys and a full complement of legal assistants and support staff. In addition, Willy, Nanayakkara & Associates draws on the skills of a wider circle of contract attorneys with focus in consular processing and litigation, as well as the institutional experience of advisors who have served with Border Patrol, legacy INS, and the State Department. The firm is fully automated for the digital age, combining case management systems with complete electronic files.  They deliver immigration results for their clients through a potent blend of innovative, holistic problem-solving and deep-rooted legal knowledge.

Above all, belief in their three core principles of integrity, dignity for their clients, and the power of competence – experience and skill – in cracking the most difficult cases.

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